Whats the best way to commit suicide but make it look accidental?

i am 46, despondant, bought a condo from hell and cant see anyway out. my wife died two years ago, than i had heart surgery and my father died. now i sunk my inheritance into this nitemare and can only think of this constantly, does insurance pay off on suicide, if not how do i make it look accidental

Written by Cherish Stewart in Psychology

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you could walk in front of traffic

Written by Sydney Wood

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Written by Kristen Turner

you could walk in front of traffic

Written by Sydney Wood

you won't need money if your dead...

i know you miss your wife, but you'll find another woman one day. i just know it

Written by Shaman Mouse

Well, you could try suffocating yourself with a pillow..
Taking a swim, and holding your breath..

That's that best ways I can think of to make it seem accidental.
Pills wouldn't work. Trust me.

Written by Hannah Cotts

You could drive your car like 120 miles an hour and purposely smash into a big tree

Written by Dering

a) No, insurance does not pay in case of suicide.
b) With the way science is now days, it'll be near impossible to fake an accident.


Talk to a financial adviser for recommendations. He'll probably have ideas that you may not have thought of to get you out of your bind.

Besides...if you commit suicide, who's going to collect the money? You? (I think you wouldn't need the money after your dead after all)

Written by Michaelwhite2

Please please please dont! As others said, theres always a way out. It WILL get better. I may not know you but everyone who does would be devastated!

Written by Sunshineandlollipops

This is a terrible question and I hope its just a troll. You have so many reasons to live. There is always at least one person who loves you more than you think and you have every right to live. Dont do this to yourself and so many people wil be affected by it. Anyway theres no way to make it not look like suicide. You will have the knife or what ever you use near you and they will have finger prints and such. And you wouldnt want an innocent person to go to jail and get there life ruined because you made it look like someone else did it. Talk to God more often, and I just know you will find another woman. Dont give up hope and no matter how stupid everything happens for a reason. Save yours, and someone elses life and have some common sense. <3

Written by Ohiostate4thewin

Dont!!! LIke other said, it WILL get okay! Maybe get a nice place, get a dog to keep you company (science says they make you feel good) and get out more. You WILL feel better and you will look back and laugh. Life is a gift, only god can take it away. If they don't want to then they won't so you don't try it yourself! Plus, if you commit suicide you can hurt others and you shouldn't!!! do whats best!!!!!!!!!!

Written by Hihowsitgoing

find some suicide hot lines online mate,
i was going to get you some but i dont know what country your in.

these ppl will help you out show you the way forward, put you on to the ppl that can sort your problems

Written by Pj